So Who Are You?

  • Some random dickhead in the net that wants to fuck robots and has problems. The alternate answer is "If you know, you know."

Why is your avatar Ra Moon with a gray headband?

  • Because I can. Not like Ra Moon is actually canon anyway.

Why draw these pairings or these characters? Why not draw [this]?

  • Because I can. God gave me the ability to draw and I will make it everyone else's problem. But really, I do the things I do because I want, not because of approval nor popularity.

Can I commission you?

  • If you know who I am, okay, but just remember that I have standards that can be (and feel) arbitrary.

What's your favorite MM game?

  • MM4, though MM8, MM5, and B (SNES Version), MM6 and MM3 are also ones I like.

Can you clarify why?

  • I can, but I won't.

What's the name of the not-Ra Moon?

  • Sundown, though Notto-chan/san is also valid.

Will you ever add more things like a little story to go with the image, or comments?

  • Eh, that's very unlikely on the comments side. I have added hover text.

Did you manage to mindfuck some people?

  • Yes. In fact, in some circles, I'm known as the "Duo/King person" or "Duofujo". Personally, if a place is so weak it can't handle obscure characters, then it deserves to die.

Are you and a certain writer the same?

  • No. Our interests just crossed. That's all.

Will you ever make an actual MM fangame someday?

  • I find it unlikely in my state, but perhaps I'll play around with an engine someday. Just don't expect anything usual.

What is your favorite Robot Master?

  • Ice Man. I like his actual google-eyes appearance and his ruby spears adaptation the best. Fire Man is hot. Toppy spins.

Will you put [this commission] in here?

  • Maybe. I don't tend to put out commissioned images as these images can sometimes feel personal. I know it's often not the case but I can't help but feel weird about it.

Will you ever put a certain image here?

  • Perhaps someday.

Why are there only MM images in this site?

  • I just like the series and what part of "I have a problem" you don't understand? It's like that sometimes.

Where can I request you?

  • Via my retrospring. Rules found on my twitter still go by, 3 requests per person, they're low priority compared to commissions and larger projects.